How to Overseed Your Lawn


An experienced landscaping professional and entrepreneur, Brendan Wetzel is the owner of the Bucks County, Pennsylvania-based Yardley Landscaping and Paving Company. For more than a decade, Brendan Wetzel has managed the company, where he applies his expertise in pruning, fertilizing, and lawn seeding.

A worn-out lawn with bare spots invites weed growth. Consider overseeding to protect against this problem and to ensure a lush and healthy green lawn. While reseeding involves the planting of an entirely new lawn, overseeding is the process of seeding over an existing lawn to thicken up relatively bare areas. Overseeding is most effective when the soil is warm, so those who live in colder regions should do so in the fall, while those who reside in warmer, southern areas should overseed in late spring into mid-summer.

Before doing this, it is important to mow your lawn shorter than you normally would and rake immediately afterward to remove dead grass and loosen the soil. This improves access to the soil for the grass seed so that it can germinate and root. You can use either an overseeding product or grass seed. If you’re using the latter, make sure to spread about a quarter of an inch of enriched soil over the grass. Water once or twice per day until the seedlings reach the desired height.

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