Cleaning and Sharpening Garden Shears

Keeping your garden tools sharp is essential to the proper maintenance of your shrubs and hedges. This requires regular cleaning, which removes dirt and sap from the blades.

Unfortunately, even with regular cleaning, some dirt is too stubborn to be removed with a cloth. If this is the case, use a wire brush or steel wool to remove the dirt.

The same is true for shears that have become rusty. For best results, disassemble the shears and clean between the blades.

Once the blades are separated, you should scrub them with a mild soap and then rinse them with water. Dry both of the blades with an old sock or towel.

With a diamond file or sharpening stone, sharpen the blades and lubricate them before putting them back together. Of course, the blades may also be sharpened when the shears are still together if there is no reason to take them apart.