The Three Basic Types of Deck Material

  Brendan Wetzel, a graduate of Rider University, serves as the president and owner of Yardley Landscaping and Paving Company. Through this Pennsylvania-based company, he offers numerous landscaping services to clients in the Bucks County area. Beyond that, Brendan Wetzel and his business provide seal coating, paving, and deck-building services.

There are several types of decking material that homeowners can choose from, and they are broadly divided into three categories: wood, composite, and polymer. Below are some pros and cons of each one:

1. Wood: Many property owners strive to have a wood deck added to their home. These decks are usually made of cedar, spruce, or pine, and are resistant to moisture and many other outdoor elements. Unfortunately, wood decks require intensive maintenance and will naturally degrade over time, although some types of wood are more long-lasting than others.

2. Composite: Made of a blend of wood and resin, composite decks resemble natural wood, but require much less maintenance. Although composite decks are more expensive than some wood decks, they last longer and are capable of withstanding damage from the elements. However, they do retain heat, thus making them difficult to walk on during the day, especially in summer sunlight.

3. Polymer: Polymer decking is made entirely of plastic and is available in a variety of colors. Such decking does not fade in sunlight and is resistant to rotting and mold. Like composite decks, they require minimal maintenance. While polymer decks are usually the most expensive synthetic-wood decks, they are cheaper than those made of exotic natural wood.