Tips for Winter Yard Maintenance

For homeowners in parts of the world that experience all four seasons, the do’s and don’ts of yard maintenance can vary considerably throughout the year. In some ways, winter provides a respite from ongoing yard maintenance, as plants do not grow and the yard may be blanketed in snow. That said, homeowners should always consult their winter yard maintenance checklist to make sure they have not overlooked anything.

Several important yard maintenance tips should be followed before the start of winter. Prior to the first frost of the season, for example, homeowners should fully aerate and re-fertilize their lawns, allowing the yard to breathe and settle before going dormant. Fertilization is especially important, as the nutrients stored over winter will facilitate healthy growth when the warm months return. Without these steps, homeowners may encounter weeds and pests in the spring before they see any green grass.

Similarly, homeowners should go into winter with clean yards. Allowing piles of autumn leaves or discarded kindling to sit for several months is essentially inviting disease into the lawn and any surrounding flowerbeds.

Another important step toward maintaining lawn integrity during the winter involves minimizing yard traffic. Even the healthiest lawn is vulnerable during the cold winter months, and excessive foot traffic can weaken grass and plant strength going into the next season.