Preparing a Site and Bed for Rose Plants

Led by Brendan Wetzel, Yardley Landscaping Company provides a comprehensive range of services to customers across Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Among the areas in which Brendan Wetzel has extensive knowledge is yard maintenance, and he is experienced in caring for a wide range of flowering shrubs.

When it comes to roses, the key is to select a planting site that will receive at least five hours of full sunlight each day. Particularly important is morning sun, which dries leaves and helps to prevent disease. Keep in mind that the sun’s angle changes with the seasons, and the site should receive full sunlight year-round. In areas with extended winter seasons, planting the bushes near the house’s foundation is one strategy that provides a degree of protection during the colder months.

When choosing a soil, select a loamy, slightly sandy one that allows moisture to drain but retains it long enough for root absorption. With too much clay, the roses’ roots run the risk of becoming waterlogged. At the same time, give each plant space in the bed. Crowding is associated with issues such as downy and powdery mildew.