Tips for Getting Rid of Weeds Without Harming Your Lawn

  Pennsylvania resident Brendan Wetzel oversees the operations at Yardley Landscaping and Paving Company as owner and president. Serving residents of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Brendan Wetzel recognizes the importance of maintaining beautiful landscaping at residential and commercial properties and provides such services as weed control.

Similar to other plants, weeds grow and thrive if given the chance. Because of this, it is essential that all lawn caregivers take the proper precautions when it comes to weed control. Often times, this requires good preventative measures that begin before weeds start growing. Such things include keeping the grass longer, which shades the ground and slows weed seed germination. Fertilizing the lawn every six to eight weeks also limits weed growth, as does watering the lawn deeply or placing some landscape fabric over the area.

If weeds have already started growing, lawn caregivers must look at the lawn to determine what type of weeds they are dealing with. This knowledge allows people to choose a treatment based on the specific type of weed growing and it’s age. Established weeds usually need post-emergent weed killer, most of which does not harm grass when used properly.

However, it will kill other plants, so it’s important that it’s only used when there is no wind to blow the particles to other areas of the yard. Pets and people must also keep away from treated areas for a few hours so it can dry properly without disturbances.