Mulching As Part of a Spring Cleanup

Brendan Wetzel is an established presence in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, community who leads Yardley Landscaping Company. Committed to client satisfaction, Brendan Wetzel has extensive knowledge of everything from weed control to yard maintenance.

A key part of an efficient spring cleanup involves mulching. One way to keep your lawn strong and healthy is by mulching, which involves double-cutting your grass, then re-cutting it within the deck of a mulching mower. The latter has a deck that is spacious, rounded, and sealed, which provides the grass with room to move around. Strategically placed deflectors keep the grass circulating, with a specially shaped blade forcing grass clippings down to the turf after they have been re-cut.

The mulch breaks down quickly and provides the grass with nutrient-rich phosphates and nitrogen that stimulate new growth. At the same time, it provides a protective covering that helps to prevent weed growth and conserves water. On balance, mulch offers an economical, environmentally friendly way of reusing lawn trimmings that will also cut down on waste.

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